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Ok, so there’s been a change of plans. We were originally going to start PiYO within the next week or two BUT with our current situation (living temporarily with family, limited time and space, etc) we think that a do-over of Focus T25 is the best choice. WE START TOMORROW AND I AM SO EXCITED! I have let myself fall pretty far from my goals and I am feeling pretty low about it. Time to take control of my life! We will start sweating and eating clean tomorrow! I cannot wait to feel good again! Do YOU have T25 already? Do you want to join us?!? Leave a comment below if you’re interested! (You can also order it and just start a little late!) YAY FITNESS! #fitmom #fitlife #fitness #homeworkout #t25 #focust25 #shaunT #getfit #journey2milf #joinme #awesome #yay #excited

I heart @chalenejohnson ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Still a couple spots if anyone is looking to start #PiYO with me in the next few weeks! Chalene describes PiYo as “Strength and stretch and flexibility all rolled into one powerfully dynamic workout!” Chalene continues, “PiYo is for people who just don’t feel like Yoga and Pilates is the right fit for them. People who know they need flexibility training, but they want to get more out of it.” Can’t wait to see how my body changes from this one! #awesome #excited #chalenejohnson #homeworkout #journey2milf

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